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The Tent

"An hour of worship and the Word"

Heard 3 times, Mondays at:
2AM, 9AM and 6PM -- Pacific Time.


Soaking In God's Presence

An hour of prayerful and meditative music so you can "Soak in God's Presence." Heard every Sunday at 5am, 3pm and 9pm -- and Wednesdays, at: 2am, 9am and 6pm, Pacific Time.

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Hillsong United "Zion"
(full acoustic worship set)


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Finally! First time in my life to have a radio station that plays the music I want to hear. Thank you for helping me focus on Jesus!

This is my favorite online station! you don't hear fierce worship like this on the radio! this is the deep calling unto deep.

Yay! My worship arsenal is being restored. Thanks I was going through a drought but now, I'm buying new worship music I heard on your station. #ablessing

Awesome pure worship music!! i love it.

Great music, I find I'm much more productive listening to Elijah Stream while working from home, God Bless, -Raleigh, NC

Thank you for this Stream of heavenly sounds.

Thank you for the wonderful music. I am ill in bed and soaking on it. Love and blessings from The Netherlands, Europe.

Listening from Colombia. GBY.

Praise the Lord oh, my soul - You bring such wonderful worship songs to honor God

Recently I encouraged a friend to spend some time in the tent. he did,the Holy Spirit used the time to draw his wife in... now she spends that time too...Thanks

I didn't realize until today that Elijahstreams iRadio was on facebook...I have been a listener for several years and have enjoyed much music that helps me keep in a worship mode no matter what is going on...tune in you won't regret it! Music that exalts our Lord and brings us closer to Him is life and breath

Thanks for the beautiful worship music, The Father dances over us, He woo's us to Him. Many Blessings.

Everyone always asks me what new music I have found because they love the albums I loan them when they are wanting to go deeper in God and their time with Him...I tell them here.

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April 2014



As I write this month's message to you, I’m watching/listening/worshiping with a Hillsong United YouTube video (find it on this page) which I highly recommend.

First of all, I love the music of this album “Zion” which they play through acoustically in the video.

But also I love the passion and love evident on the faces of these young worshipers—something that comes from spending time in the priceless Presence of God.

I love that this same passionate worship is coming from so many different places in the world—from ministries and groups that are well known and also from those unknown churches and Bible studies.

I don’t know about you, but I feel it building.

…and building…

To that I can only say:

Increase our worship, Lord!

Let it increase, let it increase, let it increase, let it increase, let it increase, let it increase!!!

You don’t have to play an instrument or be a singer for music—saturated with the Spirit of God—to move you.

As you listen to ElijahStreams; as you watch this month’s worship video; or as you just step outside and hear the heart of God beating in the falling rain, the song of birds or the rhythm of the ocean waves…

…worship JESUS.

HE is worthy!

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Many blessings to you in 2014!


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-Aimee Herd, ElijahStreams Program/Music Director